Collect Open 2020 – @ Somerset House – 26th Feb – 1st March.

Thrilled to announce that Adi Toch and I will launch our new collaborative work at the Crafts Council’s Collect Open, Somerset House, London.

We will be showing a series of sculptural vessels and objects combining metal and glass, as an outcome of our experimental research. Come and see Material Dialogues: Metal and Glass from 26th Feb – 1st March. We look forward to seeing you at our stand!

Natural Beauty @ Galerie Handwerk, Munich – May 8th to June 6th.

Totem Stack and a new Metameric Landscape will be showing at Galerie Handwerk in May.

“Nature has always played an important role in visual and applied art in its
materiality and colourfulness, not only since it has been the subject of ecology and environmental protection in the media. We want to put natural, simple beauty with its many facets, the play of surfaces and the natural colors of different materials at the center of our exhibition.” Galerie Handwerk.

2018 RDS Craft Award Bursary


I’m thrilled to share the news that I’m the recipient of the 2018 RDS Craft Award Bursary. Many thanks to DCCOI and the Royal Dublin Society for the Award.

Its for an ambitious and innovative project collaborating with metal-smith Adi Toch. We are exploring the relationship between metal and glass, investigating the perception of each individual material through the shifting of capacities. So far we’ve discovered that the two materials can colour and form each other and this opens up many possibilities. This bursary means we can continue our collaboration and develop our exciting discoveries.

Ensemble @ Scottish Gallery – Solo Show – 3rd to 27th October 2018


For the ‘Ensemble’ exhibition at the Scottish Gallery, Byrne moves in a new direction exploring the totem as a creative device for assembling ‘off cuts’ – glass parts that would normally be discarded during the making process in the workshop, collected and reassembled into exquisite

Byrne’s assemblages allow him to query the intrinsic nature of his own work by exploring the aesthetic parameters, structures and space between each component in an act of reflection and re-functioning.

Reflections on Translucence @Studio Fusion Gallery, Oxo Tower, London 4th June – 30th July 2018.

Following the ‘Edge to Edge’ show in 2016, Studio Fusion Gallery have invited Tamar De Vries Winter and Adi Toch to collaborate and co-curate another themed exhibition featuring different methodologies and approaches in craft.

Light is a primary tool in the creative process, whether through the engagement with colour or the investigation of form and texture.

How does light change the way we perceive an object when it is diffused, reflective, glowing, luminous?

Artists from various disciplines­­ – metal, ceramic, glass and jewellery – have been invited to join the dialogue and explore these themes through their own work. We present work that explores, questions, and plays with tangible or conceptual expressions of translucence.

Participating artists are: Vered Kaminski, Nicholas Lees, Max Warren, Edmond Byrne, Adi Toch, and Tamar de Vries Winter.

Studio Fusion Gallery

Blowing Hot and Cold @London Glassblowing, 4th – 26th May 2018.

An exhibtion showing a number of the UK’s foremost glassblowers, who, as part of their process also employ cold working techniques in resolving their work.

For many artists this is only part of the process; for them the blown element represents the canvas or blank upon which to work their magic.   By cutting, grinding and polishing, etching or engraving, the object is transformed, and the story changes with each cut or mark that is made.  One false move and hours of patient endeavour is wasted and the piece may be lost.

Come and see the magnificent work that has not only survived this arduous process, but has been greatly enhanced by the artists’ hand to magnify the reflective, refractive and textural qualities of each piece. -Peter Layton, London Glassblowing

Metameric: Colour as Fiction @ Flow Gallery, Notting Hill, 15th Sep – 4th Nov.

Edmond Byrne Flow Gallery

Mould Blown Glass by Edmond Byrne 2017, Flow Gallery, Metameric. photo: Beth Evans

Glass Blower Edmond Byrne’s solo exhibition at Flow Gallery examines the Metameric
Phenomenon; when two individual colours appear indistinguishable to the human eye, their difference is only revealed when they are juxtaposed with contrasting colours for comparison. Glass reflects light but also allows light to pass through and project. The nature of this dynamic and how it affects light of different wavelengths reaching the eye lends itself to the phenomenon.

Edmond Byrne Flow Gallery

Mould Blown Glass by Edmond Byrne 2017, Flow Gallery, Metameric. photo: Beth Evans

Colour research in glass is essential to Byrne’s studio practice. He combines hues with base colours, especially greys, and darker colours, that would not be immediately apparent. Only gradually revealing themselves as the eye adjusts.


Mould Blown Glass by Edmond Byrne 2017, Flow Gallery, Metameric. photo: Beth Evans

In displaying this work, Byrne layers selected colours together to create a cross-link between each hue, bringing forth a subtle symphony of interactions and realisations to be discovered and contemplated. Metameric: Colour as Fiction will be on show at Flow Gallery between Sep 15th and November 4th.

Showing in British Glass Biennale exhibition at International Festival of Glass.


The British Glass Biennale is the UK’s leading exhibition of excellence in contemporary glass by British artists, designers and craftspeople. It is the flagship show within the International Festival of Glass. With an expert jury and an open call to artists, the British Glass Biennale is one of the most significant statements of national glass talent. The emphasis is on new work demonstrating the highest level of excellence in design, creative imagination and technical skill. All work is available for purchase and attracts collectors, galleries and museums from around the world.

The 2017 exhibition features work by 63 contemporary artists, including British makers living and working abroad for the first time. Since its inception in 2004 the Biennale has awarded £100,000 worth of prizes to artists. This year’s collaborators are Worshipful Company of Glass Sellers, London Glassblowing, The Glass Association, craft&design magazine, Warm Glass and The National Glass Centre; with a special prize for young collectors sponsored by Mark Holford.  Jurors: Barbara Beadman, Scott Benefield, Aonghus Gordon, Rosy Greenlees, Maja Heuer. #BritishGlassBiennale #glassblowing #internationalfestivalofglass