Reflections on Translucence @Studio Fusion Gallery, Oxo Tower, London 4th June – 30th July 2018.

Following the ‘Edge to Edge’ show in 2016, Studio Fusion Gallery have invited Tamar De Vries Winter and Adi Toch to collaborate and co-curate another themed exhibition featuring different methodologies and approaches in craft.

Light is a primary tool in the creative process, whether through the engagement with colour or the investigation of form and texture.

How does light change the way we perceive an object when it is diffused, reflective, glowing, luminous?

Artists from various disciplines­­ – metal, ceramic, glass and jewellery – have been invited to join the dialogue and explore these themes through their own work. We present work that explores, questions, and plays with tangible or conceptual expressions of translucence.

Participating artists are: Vered Kaminski, Nicholas Lees, Max Warren, Edmond Byrne, Adi Toch, and Tamar de Vries Winter.

Studio Fusion Gallery

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