Narratives in Making travels to Ruthin Craft Centre.

Moon Jar by Edmond Byrne Glass Art Portfolio DCCOI Narratives in Making curated by Gregory Parsons

Moon Jar by Edmond Byrne, Mould Blown Glass

22 July – 24th Sep

An exhibition of work from PORTFOLIO: Critical Selection 2017 – 2018

Narratives in Making will feature new works by 28 Irish makers across a variety of disciplines, including ceramics, wood, leather, basketry, glass, metals, furniture and jewellery. Curated by Gregory Parsons, the exhibition considers the provenance of each object – who made it, where it was created, the techniques and materials used – as this informs our relationship with the piece. There are fascinating stories: from the love of material and the rituals of making, to the design process and the physical rhythm and time involved. The curator also takes into account the contribution contemporary craft makes to our well-being, through the life-enhancing intelligence of the maker’s hand, the delight in what it produces and the joy of owning the object. As you become absorbed in their world, you also become a part of these narratives in making.

Ruthin Craft Centre, Park Road, Ruthin, Denbighshire, LL15 1BB, UK